Building Your Financial Divorce Plan

Based on thorough review and analysis of your finances and objectives, using multiple kinds of divorce and planning software programs, we create an analysis report that addresses these objectives and shows a “financial roadmap” for the future. Every effort is made to help you coordinate your objectives, so the facets of your financial life are working together. 

  • Pre-Divorce

    Assist you in compiling and organizing financial statements and information, preparing inquiries for “discovery”; analyzing statements, documents, and tax returns; tracking money flows; identifying and understanding complex compensation issues; and evaluating wealth protection strategies.

  • Divorce Settlement Analysis

    Estimate maintenance needs, develop alternate settlement proposals, identify tax issues, analyze long-term cash-flow and net-worth issues, incorporate future needs (such as retirement income and college costs for children), recommend tax and financial strategies, assist with negotiations and interrogatories, testify as a Qualified Financial Expert, if needed. If necessary, financial tracing and forensic analysis services for hidden assets and money flows are available.

  • Post-Divorce

    Follow through on asset transfers, identify tax impact of asset sales, assist in establishing new money-management systems, implement insurance and estate-planning recommendations, help ensure settlement duties are implemented by client and ex-spouse.

  • After Divorce is Final

    If desired by you, we can assist with managing investment accounts and creating a new, post-divorce financial plan based on your new life and financial objectives.